About AEPC

The general aim of the Spanish Association of Continuous Flooring, AEPC, is to promote the business activity of designing, calculating, manufacturing, preparing surfaces, installing, polishing, drying, maintaining and other related activities of all types of flooring, from industrial flooring, continuous concrete floors, polymeric floors, subbase for flooring of any type and subsequent treatments (conservation, recovery or rehabilitation) to the installation of flooring, excluding from the object and scope of the association non-continuous flooring (e.g. ceramic), road surfaces and wood or lightweight flooring.

The general goal of the association is to promote and demand the highest levels of safety, quality and integrity in everything related to the flooring guild.

The main objectives of the association are the following:

  • Defending the economic, social and professional interests of the sector in general, and of its members, as a group with common interests.
  • Resolution of common problems to the member entities, and that are of interest for all the collective.
  • Organization of common activities and services of interest to the members.
  • Ensuring free competition in the sector and protecting members against professional intrusion.
  • To foster the cooperation of all related agents (business and professional organizations of provincial, autonomous, state, European or international scope), in the development of the guild.
  • To promote the permanent training of the personnel of the companies of the guild.

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